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A Day In 2050

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A Day In 2050 is a campaign proposal for Panasonic's Eco Navi technology
  • The Brief

    To bring awareness to the public aboutPanasonic’s Econavi technology

    Runa campaign (on-ground, digital or both)which allow fans to interact, learn and participate through a contest

    Submissionof entries by fans should be as “pain-free” as possible

    Increasenumber of Facebook fans by 20k or more

    Campaignshould be executable by end 2012

    The Idea 

    To let participants experience how it islike to live a day in the future.

    The idea is to create an awarenesscampaign that highlights the devastating fact that our world would one day bepitch black - if we continue these hazardous non eco habits every single day.Scientist predict that the skies will be clouded with pollutants in the nearfuture. This idea simply bring dooms day to present day.

    This is a campaign that allows the usersto experience how it is like to live in a day in 2050, when the skies are darkand everything is dependent on the other senses besides our eyes. The userswould have to examine, evaluate and execute their actions through sounds.

    This campaign puts the participantsthrough a range of test that ties in the features and attributes of theproducts within the activity. Subtly telling the audience the unique andspecial feature that Panasonic products can provide.

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