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  • A project originally started in 2010, as a custom font for an eco-design event.
    The project ended with the refusal by the client, and I' stopped to develope the letters.

    Initially uploaded as single project, just the first three letters, on Deviantart, it has reached
    a good amount of views (over 9k) and a lot of comments asking me "when the whole alphabet?".

    I  always answered with a "dunno, gonna think about it". And kept procrastinating it.

    Then I  decided to give the project another chance and I started to work again on the letters,
    uploading all the wip process on my Facebook page, receiving a very good feedback about it.

    After the publication it has become and still is one of my most successful project, with several features on the web and books, sales as whole type-treatment-face, for logos and editorial commissions.

    I owe a lot to this project, and it's still one of my fav ones.
    For the occasion, I've totally restored the project, and the typeface
    has been improved and redesigned from scratch.
    Hope you like my Brushwood Typeface. 
  • Between the several features on blogs, some print commissions for art festivals (like Poster Punch, you can see the project HERE) and sales to private clients for different purposes (it has been used as typeface for the logo of a garden) my biggest goal has been to see it used by the magazine Wired (in its novemeber 2011 issue) for a page introduction. It's a mag so full of cool people working into it and for me it was a great pleasure and the real first big client commission ever.
  • Available to use for commissions, contact me if you're interested.
    Hope you have liked it, cheers!

    Riccardo Sabatini | Brushwood Typeface
    2011 | design updated 2014

    Hope you liked it, for job enquiries, prints and co.
    ask at

    Personal website

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