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Bunnings Bat-Light

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Bunnings Warehouse TV Commercial for Iloura
  • TV Commercial by Iloura - October 2012
  • I was contracted by Iloura as a senior lighting artist on this TVC for Bunnings. It's a torch with 2 flat LED panels that open up from a closed position, and magnets on the back. The panels can be lit up both together or just one. There is also another light on the end. and a hook at the tail end. The brief was to show the torches as you might see them in a documentary about bats. Dark and mysterious at first, then coming to life and showing off the features one by one.

    I was responsible mainly for lighting each shot to create the desired mood. This included the volumetric fog-lights, and all reflections on the batlight, and the surrounding environment. It also included scene and render-pass management for compositing in Nuke. I also helped with some of the compositing in Nuke, mainly the light rays from the batlight itself.

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