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Experience Gotham City in 3D

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Experience the Dark Knight's world like never before. The official 3D map lets you explore Gotham City and its famous locations, from the soaring heights of Wayne Tower to the sinister depths of Arkham Asylum.
  • Experience Gotham City in 3D – Official map of Gotham City
    Art Direction

    Nokia teamed up with Warner Bros. to cross promote the Nokia Maps 3D and the awaited Dark Knight Rises movie. We did the first official 3D map of the famous, fictional metropolis using the Nokia Maps interface.
    You could explore the official 3D map or the plain map view with street and neighborhood names and the lay of the whole city. You could also visit Gotham City’s most iconic locations up close and personal and while doing so, spotting a Batshield and solving the clues might get you a limited edition prize. 

    As a huge Batman fan this project was a dream come true, and I was super excited to do the Art Direction and creating the atmosphere for the iconic city. 3D settings combined with the different soundscapes for each of the locations from the soaring heights of Wayne Tower to the sinister depths of Arkham Asylum, played a big role in setting the mood for the whole experience.

    Agency: 1000heads | White Sheep Isobar
  • Arkham Asylum
  • Blackgate Prison
  • Gotham City Stock Exchange
  • Major Crimes Unit
  •  Gotham City Stadium
  • City Hall
  • Wayne Tower I
  • Wayne Manor

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