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Event Foto Station

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After 5 years of experience with lightwriting we developed special event tools as business and fun application. The LICHTFAKTOR PhotoStation is a great tool for all kind of events. We generate individual light painting pictures and the participants get a real photo printout or a link to download their image. For us it's a lot of fun and a interesting and spontaneous way of expression and communication.
  • Our PhotoStation offers an exciting meeting point of communication and interaction for you and your visitors. Here is where everyone can play an active role in our creations.
    Whatever you can imagine, we will visualize it for you in luminous colours – with you right at the centre! Let us know your ideas or let us surprise you! Experience a unique work of art that unfolds around you and gets caught by our cameras. A high quality light painting printout or image file will be immediately ready to take along with you. We can also light paint your slogans, messages or logos and integrate them into the composition.
    ◼ Get a photo printout on site.
    ◼ Display the photos on a screen.
    ◼ Directly uploaded on Facebook/the company’s website.
    ◼ Send the file as email.
    ◼ Make the photos available to the visitors as download.
    ◼ Upload to a server.

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