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Rush Breaker for Google Wallet / Young Glory 2012

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Rush Breaker for Google Wallet is a tool that helps to reduce congestion on public transport and make it more comfortable.
  • One of the biggest problems of overpopulation is rush hours on public transport. Because of that many people prefer to stick in traffic jams sitting in their comfortable cars than using overcrowded subway or buses.
    We can solve this problem with Rush Breaker for Google Wallet.
    You just need to install this app to your phone with NFC interface and pick your route. App analyzes the congestion of different public transport and provides options for more comfortable journey in another time or using another vehicle.
    If you take one of the options and pay the fee with Google Wallet – you will be rewarded by bonuses. The less crowded time you choose for your ride the more bonuses you can get to pay for next journeys.
    App will collect the statistics from each user and manage people flow on public transportation making each journey on public vehicles more pleasant.
    If public transportation becomes more comfortable people will prefer using that than sticking in traffic jams and polluting the environment with car exhaust.
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    Featured on by R/GA

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