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SNATCH! For NYC Campaign

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Interactive & mobile campaign for City Harvest NYC.
  • SNATCH! For NYC Campaign
    Interactive & Mobile campaign for City Harvest
  • Interactive and mobile campaign for City Harvest, titled 'Snatch! For NYC'. The mission of this campaign 
    is to raise hunger awareness in New York City, by allowing users to 'snatch' photos of their friends' lunch in person with the mobile app, or Facebook, and upload it to the Snatch! site. Notifications will prompt the victims to retrieve their photos, or join in the movement. After a million photos have been 'snatched', the second phase of the campaign allows users to trade their Facebook photos for the 'snatched' photos, for a dollar per pixel. 
    With 1 million photos auctioned online, we will have successfully raised 1 million dollars for New York City.

    Art Direction: Warren Teo
    Creative Strategist: Pebbles Lim
    Copywriter / Motion Graphics: Tre Wee

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