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Samsung Mobile Thr!veOn

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Developed around the central idea of "You Are What You Share" - Thr!veOn is part social game, part Facebook app, and part brand platform. The Social Game: The idea behind Thr!veOn is to reward people for what they're already doing - sharing their lives on Facebook - while giving them a fun and engaging platform on which to do it. The App: Thr!veOn collects all of your Facebook activity and organizes it into clusters. From there, users are treated to a rich interactive visualization of their online selves, where they can categorize their content, earn medals, reveal promotions, check their progress against their friends via the leaderboard, and explore a virtual timeline of their Facebook content . The Brand Platform: As users engage with the Thr!veOn experience, they are also engaged with the Samsung Mobile brand.Thr!veOn enables Samsung Mobile to roll out new features, promotions, and products at any time. These aspects are integrated directly into the game in a non-intrusive way, making it an ideal arena for testing out consumer responses.

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