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State Farm - Feelin' Kinda LeBron

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Project Info
  • CLIENT: State Farm
    PROJECT: Feelin' Kinda LeBron

    We were asked to extend our "Feelin' Kinda Sunday" campaign for the NFL Playoffs in a bigger, more impactful way. State Farm already had a relationship with LeBron James, and he was a highly touted high school wide receiver, so it seemed like a perfect match. The commercial was set to run during the Conference Championship games,  so in order to create some buzz, we crafted this short teaser that ran a week ahead of time.
  • The teaser was soon posted all over the web, with fans speculating about what it was for.
    Some thought LeBron was releasing a rap album. Others thought LeBron was retiring.
    Still others were convinced that LeBron would be doing an event with the WWE.
    But soon, this commercial aired, ending all speculation.
  • Here is some behind-the-scene footage.
  • This is some press coverage we got from ESPN's First Take and Sports Center.
  • Special Edition LeBron cards given out at State Farm Agent Offices.
  • Here is some other press we got from the campaign.
  • The home screen of

  • The home screen of's "Page 2" feature section.

  • Even 11 months after the spot originally aired it was still stirring up talk.

  • This AP story went out and was included in Sporting News and many local papers.

  • Deadspin was one of the first to cover the story and syndicated it across the Gawker network

    The story made it out of the sports world and into the hip-hop and sneaker communities.
  • Some stores even started selling LeBron browns jerseys online, inspired by the State Farm commercial.
    The Project all started with State Farm's sponsorship of the NFL.
    PROJECT: Feelin' Kinda Sunday

    As a major sponsor of the NFL, State Farm wanted to do a campaign that reflected how much fans love football.
    The song "Feelin' Kinda Sunday" by Frank and Nancy Sinatra seemed to capture that emotion perfectly.

    In addition to this launch spot, we created a stadium sing-a-long video that aired during several NFL games.
    ACD/ART DIRECTOR: Alex Zamiar
    ACD/WRITER: Jonathan Richman
    ACCOUNT: Veronica Carr
    DIRECTOR: Stacy Wall

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