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THE NEW BUICK - The designers story

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the New Class of World Class. A look at the processes behind Buicks radical departure and creation of their latest line up of vehicles. Dave Lyon Buicks Design Director takes users through the new collaborative design and engineering processes that allow this new line of cars to truly break the mold and change perceptions.
  • FWA Site of the day March 7th 2010.
  • The site was a collaborative effort between:
    MacLaren MRM Toronto
    Andre Le Masurier GCD
    Michael Blain AD
    Josh Haupert CW

    Pablo Vio CD
    Denis Kartashevskiy and Salpy Kelian Developers
    Rafael Ludwig VFX Supervisor

    Motion Theory: Broadcast, intro and 3D on the site
  • Buick Olympic Television spot created in conjunction with the MacLaren McCann creative team and Motion Theory. The entire campaign was an integrated campaign from front to back. My team worked closely with Scott and Gary to come up with the concepts then bring them to life.

    MacLaren McCann
    Scott Couture AD
    Gary Lennox CW
  • initial ideas and rough sketches around the main navigation for the site and functionality
  • early linear for client presentation
  • first pass animation still for the homepage nav on the site
  • Early designs for the main page navigation
  • rough stage render from Motion Theory for nav page animation
  • Social section of the site that allows users to go and check out what the general public is saying about the new line up of Buicks. Full transparency and the results speak volumes.
  • Interface icons and navigational elements designed by Michael Blain
  • Case study of the site.
  • Check out the site on the FWA shortlist:

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