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  • Volkswagen
    // First ever test drive on a print ad //

        One of Volkswagens brand goals is to be a leader within new technology. But innovations can be difficult to explain in an ad. It must be experienced. Learned by doing. Showed – not told.
    So we created an app for the readers to download, and try out the VW innovations, using the print ad as a test road. In an ad that is an innovation in itself.

    //Winner of the FWA mobile of the day 29. March//
    //Winner of two Cannes Lions 2011//



  • Agency: TRY and APT (Norway)
    Client: Volkswagen Norge
    Developer: Mobiento
    Copywriters: Petter Bryde, Eva Sannum and Jonas Grønnern
    Art Directors: Thorbjørn Ruud, Markus Lind and Lars Kristian Harveg
    Foto/Retouch: Thomas Bråten and Ole Jakob Skattum
    Account: Morten Polmar, Cathrine Wennersten and Ole Hustad

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